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EOC Communications-WA State Emergency Management
*PURPOSE: * This reflector will serve as: * The centralized location for file sharing and for the distribution of information between WA EMD/ Camp Murray and Tribal, County and Jurisdictional emergency communications leadership and management as it relates to auxiliary radio communications/ emergency radio communications. * The location where emergency communications agencies serving within FEMA Region X, the western US and PNEMA can see what is happening in Washington State relative to auxiliary radio communications emergency preparedness and exercises. Washington State is a member of the *Pacific Northwest Emergency Management Accord* (PNEMA). When a major catastrophic event impacts any of the signers of the accord, Emergency Radio Communicators within the accord will come to the assistance as per the agreement. This group is limited to: *  Emergency management and designated personnel. *  Emergency communications leadership (ECs of served agencies; AECs designated with a need to know by their respective ECs). Subgroups will include additional communications coordination and communication in support of this mission. Admission to this reflector and the files shared are not for the general public and applications to this reflector will be limited to emergency communications leadership. It is expected that the conversation on this reflector will maintain a professional demeanour and respect, both for our mission and for others serving in leadership roles. Questions or private conversations may be directed to Scott Dakers: ( )
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    Emergency Managers and Jurisdictional Emergency Response Personnel
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    This subgroup is communications for the WA EMD RACES Radio Room Operators.
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  • WA EMD / WSEN 60 Meter Emergency Communications Net
    WA EMD (Camp Murray) is the sponsoring agency for the WSEN 60 meter net, for local and county Emergency Management agencies.  The net is intended for direct coordination with the Washington State EOC, or with other EOCs in the region. The intent of this group is to coordinate the operations of the 60M net with the EMCOMM community (ARES, ACS, and other volunteer groups), and state/county/locl emergency management agencies.
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